Lucie Draai (b.1979 Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands currently finishing a Master of Fine Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute. Her practice proposes a re-thinking or rupturing the (social, political) terms of order that surround us. She perceives the world rather as ‘viscous’ and ‘porous’. (1) than solid or universal. A more-than-human understanding of the present seems necessary and calls for a shift in how we conceptualize being, life, death, and temporality. (2) A proposal for radical hope (3) and radical respect for difference.

1. Tuana, “Viscous Porosity”, 192
2. Braidotti, The Postman, 81
3. Kim Q. Hall, No failure:Climate change, Radical Hope, and Queer Crip Feminist Eco-Futures

Exhibitions, performances, readings, workshops have been hosted by and collaborated with Zoe Scoglio, Tim Mastik, Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen, Norway), Shimmer (Rotterdam, NL), Volteface (Johannesburg, SA), Hot Wheels Projects (Athens, Greece), Billytown (The Hague, NL), PA-AP (Arnhem, NL), a Tale of a Tub (Rotterdam,NL), Cafe Bel (Rotterdam, NL), GROOS (Rotterdam,NL). Residencies at Artist Proof Studio (Johannesburg, SA) and AGALAB (Amsterdam, NL). Works can be found at Billytown Bookshop and Walter Bookstore.

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