Lucie Draai (b.1979 Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands currently studying at DAI (Dutch Art Institute/NL), a 2 year itinerant MFA program that fosters a variety of praxes at the intersections of art and theory. Her practice proposes a re-thinking or better yet escaping the (social, political) terms of order that surround us. Perceiving the world not in terms of solidity and unity but as ‘viscous’ and ‘porous’. (1) A more-than-human understanding of the future seems necessary and vital and calls for a shift in how we conceptualize being, life, death, and temporality.(2) A proposal for radical hope (3) and radical respect for difference.

1. Tuana, “Vicous Porosity”, 192
2. Braidotti, The Postman, 81
3. Kim Q. Hall, No failure:Climate change, Radical Hope, and Queer Crip Feminist Eco-Futures

Exhibitions, performances, readings, workshops have been hosted by and collaborated with
Zoe Scoglio, Volteface (Johannesburg, SA), Hot Wheels Projects (Athens, Greece), Billytown (The Hague, NL), PA-AP (Arnhem, NL), A TALE OF A TUB (Rotterdam,NL), Cafe Bel (Rotterdam, NL), GROOS (Rotterdam,NL). Residencies at Artist Proof Studio (Johannesburg, SA) and AGALAB (Amsterdam, NL). Works can be found at Billytown Bookshop and Walter Bookstore.

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