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The Entangled Readers

  • Hot Wheels Projects Patision (28is Oktovriou) 41 Athens Greece (map)

We warmly invite you to a collective reading, sensing and discussion around The Manifesto Antropofago (The Cannibalist Manifesto) written by Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, May 1928). Read in relation to the phenomena of Nonlocality and drawing upon sensorial practices for becoming present, we will explore ways this text might resonate with (and be digested by) the bodies present in the room.

Nonlocality (or entanglement beyond space and time) is a concept derived from particle physics. Denise Ferreira De Silva draws upon this phenomena in her text ‘Difference without Separability’ as a way of re-thinking sociality away from the grip of certainty to embrace the imaginations’ power to create, with unclear, confused or uncertain impressions.

The Entangled Readers is initiated by Lucie Draai and Zoe Scoglio, acting as a point of connection and opening up of their individual practices and research. Presented as part of the group exhibition HOW IT COMES TO MATTER, by the Van Abbemuseum Coop Research group ‘Practicing Articulation, Articulation Practice’ at Hot Wheels Projects from June 1st-3rd. This event is framed as part of the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) COOP Summit in Athens 2018.

Limited space available so please RSVP at so we can save you a seat and send you The Cannibalist Manifesto to read in the lead up.

Hope to see you soon!


LUCIE DRAAI (b.1979 Bogota, Colombia)
The project But we never permitted the birth of logic among us is comprised of an audio work, photographic imagery, texts, and a collective reading of the ‘Cannibalist Manifesto’ written by Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, May 1928). Inspired by Denise Ferreira da Silva’s text ‘On difference without separability’, the project seeks to address the performance of nonlocality. Nonlocality is a concept derived from particle physics and allows me to intertwine personal narratives with the historic and the contemporary. An entanglement which is in constant flux, a dynamic force which lacks a place-based narrative and rituals for memorialization. In ‘But we never permitted the birth of logic among us’ nonlocality, seen as (spooky) actions at a distance serves as the frame for a journey to and from Athens in search of the uncanny; something familiar and at the same time radically defamiliarizing.

This has been a practice of becoming present, into my body, into a world. A process of reconsidering where I understand my body to end and the world to begin. A collection of exercises that aim to resensitise myself as part of a planetary metabolism in this time of planetary crisis. Drawing upon the methods of visualisation and somatisation used in movement practices such as Ideokinesis, Feldenkrais and Body Mind Centering, I’ve been exploring how to bring an idea to life. What might a practice of recorporialising and reconnectivity feel like and how might it begin to address the disconnection and alienation inherent within the capitalist social imaginary where I reside.

Image : Antropofagia, 1929 by Tarsila do Amaral

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